Robert Jasper climbs "vertically limit M12" without Heelhooks!
By Robert Jasper
Vertically limit M12.

It became conscious me already some time ago that the advancement is possible for mountain pastes and ice climbing by a ever cleaner style with only by „the reduction“ of the means and. With mountain pastes is called for me: Alpine style, small teams, if possible without fixed rope and drilling hook and from down!

Leashless, climbing without handschlaufen at the eispickeln, was an important step for the sporty advancement ice and Mixedkletterns and today standard became large. A climbing and tinkering at „the Tools“ made enormous fun and the equipment became ever better. Particularly the Heelhooks or sporen to the iron, on which one can hang nowadays without hands like a bat at the excavating corner, experienced an unbelievable development.
With each step of perfecting in addition, the challenge and the character that changed ice and Mixedrouten. The character and the perseverance factor became ever more victims of the technology.

Thus I decided this year to the step back, i.e., I climbed like in former times again without the Hooks at the verses. The true character of the route showed up again. With the Mixed and Drytooling I find the difference particularly with long perseverance routes like e.g. that approx.. 35 meters are enough „vertically limit M12“ extremely, and it was for me a large stimulus to climb also this route without sporen.

For me is climbing without Heelhooks and according to the rule that the ice devices may be held only with the hands
(and thus not with the feet, elbow etc.; or even sitting on the pickel), many more sportily and it convinces me by the fact that it made rather fun. After the slogan „more is less“ this kind of the Mixedkletterns my future style will be.

Importantly it appears to me with all the ethics discussion that everyone has the liberty even to decide like he/they to climb wants –
one should also stand then to it and also say like it was only made!
Firm one rules oscillate themselves then completely automatically over the years with rising trailer number.