Ice Photos, OCTOBER 2004:


Terminator Wall Photos Oct. 27th, Nicholas Rapaich, here (good)

Thanks to everyone who sends them in. -wg


Oct. 26 Pics below from Nick Rapaich. Check out the pics way down at the bottom of the page of Saddam's Insane and so on for comparison, pretty cool to see the rapid development!


Sylvia Watson, Ice Search Oct 24, 2004:


Amadeus, Sylvia Watson, Oct 24

Kidd Falls, SW, Oct 24

Marshall Arts, SW, OCT 24

R&D, SW, Oct 24

Saddam's Insane, SW, Oct 24 '04


Oracle, Nick Rapaich, Oct 23rd.


Trophy Wall Oct 23 2004.

Tom Wolfe start of Ten Years After Oct 23rd (note rock gear!). Brent Raymond photo.

"This is a soft slab." Bubba, aka Barry Blanchard, slab technician, Oct. 23rd, on the way to two-piece Yanks. The point here is not that Bubba's hair is getting grey but that there is enough snow to slide already.

Two Piece Yanks Oct 23 '04.


Oct 22, Mike Stuart

First Blood

King creek mixed thing