Ancash, WI3R, 30m FA-G.Cornell, Jan.07

Park at a Erosion sign about 3km west of the ice route Solstice along the Sibbald Creek Road(Highway #68). Visible from the road, faces south, forms best in December before too many Chinooks kill it-was bulky in winter 2005.
Makes for a good beginner route or challenge when it thins out.
From the Erosion sign (this is where the road begins to descend down onto Hwy#40) hike steeply for 10 minutes to the ice gully passing a large boulder up the hillside.
Climb short steep ice to a ledge with a tree or ice belay. Go up and over crux bulge and follow groove to upper tree. Rap or walk off left.
When formed, a mixed line could be done to the left following a corner-bring small nuts/pins/cams and two bolts for an anchor.