Ghoster Coaster WI 3+ III 135m FA Brandon Pullan, Michelle Spakowski, Noel Gingrich. March 19/06
P1: Climb a step to another step and belay in Huge cave WI 3 60m
P2: Up lage wall WI 3+ to another small step and ice ends at large block (55m)
P3: Walk up a pitch of sticks and climb one last 20m step of 2+.
Decent: rap off tree, then threads.
Good intro route

Notes: On March 17th I spotted a large flow up cougar creek via Helicopter. On March 18th we spent hours bushwacking and slogging trying to find it. We did not.. However, we did find a hidden Gem..
About 30 minutes after Canadian Forks up the LEFT creek up in Cougar. The first major drainage on the left appears to end at a large rotten yellow rock wall.. the drainage has half a dozen large Hoodos as well. After scrambling up for a few hundred meters the wall gives way to a narrow gully and after 2 turns a large blue climb jumps out.. An awesome route, close to town.. Huge volume of water.. thick and soft.. wild atmosphere.. very hidden away. About 1.5 hours from car.

Map Info: On the Canmore/K-country Map by Gem Trekk... (1:50000) the coordinates are 64.3N by 19.3E..
There is an obvious drainage marked.. its right up there...