Way up Cougar Creek New routes, Dec 20th, 2007, Chris Willie

Went for a hike up Cougar canyon yesterday afternoon, and soloed a couple climbs that don't seem to be recorded anywhere. One had a sling at the top, but I don't know if the other has been climbed. If someone steps forward they can rename them if they like. The canyon is a pain in the ass to hike as it is all loose boulders. Descending alone in the dark with a dying headlamp not recommended!

Good Craic 30m WI 2-3
Would be a great cragging area if not for the hike in.
Approach: At Canadian Forks take the RIGHT drainage and follow the crag around into the LEFT fork. Hike through loose boulders and a few rock and ice steps for about an hour, passing by a small pillar and a few smears, to wide flow on the left with a small curtain and some icicles in the middle.

Redeye 300m WI 2
Found about 100m past Good Craic on the right is a very long easy flow in a fairly large terrain trap. Continuing to the ridge would make for a good day.