Shades of Ugly(WI4, 60m) - J. Mills - Nov 11, 06

Two pitches of thick plastic ice high above the Malign Lake road by Jasper. It's not actualy ugly, it's just the only other climb that seems to be in around here other than Shades of Beauty. As far as I know it hasn't been climbed before but I haven't lived in Jasper long so I'm not 100% sure.

Park at the Watchtower parking lot (signed) along the Malign lake road and walk a couple hundred meters further along the road. A canyon should be visible up through the trees. Bushwack to the canyon (15min) then hike up the canyon passing one steep section on the left.
It might be easier to just hike through trees on the left or right of the canyon. Above the canyon continue up the drainage until encountering the climb on you left. About 1 and a half hours from the car.

The route consists of two 30m tiers of good ice with a short bit of snow in between. The second pitch is a bit harder than the first and has a steep section at the top.

Rap the top pitch on a V-thread then either walk off or rap the bottom pitch.