Solstice WI 3+  II 137m (450') F.A. Kevin Watson, Kyle Watson - Dec 22 2005 (More photos here)
This is a hidden little gem, and is probably the closest ice to Calgary. It did not exist until excessive rain in the spring of 2005 caused major erosion which diverted drainage from the ridge. 
Located on the south-side of Sibbald Creek trail, exactly 6.2 km east of the Highway 40
(Kananaskis Hwy) intersection. The approach is ridiculously short being only 100m from the road,
however care should be taken in crossing the beaver ponds to get there as they can exceed 3m in
depth.  At the base of the falls there is a small rock wall to the left with a bolted
belay station. The top of the first pitch has a bolted rap anchor.

Although the falls are 137m in height the majority of the climbing is on the first pitch. After that you
can tramp up the ice the top of the falls, where the last 15 - 20m of the falls continues increase
in angle as it forms. Descend via the route, down climbing or rapping off of trees to the bolted

It's a great spot to take beginners.
This is 12yr old Kyle toping out at 450'

Kevin stepping out onto the ice from
the bolted belay station.