2006 and 2007 Photos

Thanks to everyone who sent photos, great to actually see what's what out there.

Please send an email to gadd@gravsports.com if you have photos that would help people out or make us laugh or whatever, thanks. Please make the file names "route_yourname.jpg," that makes it easier for me to build pages and so on. If you send them with numeric names I'll fix the names if I know the route otherwise they will go up as is, easy. Dreamweaver doesn't like file names over roughly 30 characters, if you can't figure it out just send 'em in and I'll sort it out, thx.


March 12 photos

March 1st Monster Photo Gallery

Feburary 9th Photo Gallery (good one, thanks)

January 27th Photo Gallery

January 12th Photo Update in a minute--the biggest photo gallery EVER, thanks! -WG

January 6th photos

January 2nd Photos (Thanks to all who answered the call and sent the shots in, really nice!)

December 26th Photos

December 18th Photo Batch, nice!

December 13: HUGE batch of photos

December 10: Big batch of good photos, thanks to everyone who sent them in!

December 6: All photos from the last ten days up here, thanks to everyone who sent 'em on, sorry for the delay. There are some really nice shots here!

November 17th, Spray River Falls photos, and Nov 15, Parkway Photos (Weeping Wall .etc), Nov 15, Ian Greant

November 14th, Stanley Head Wall Photos, (last weekend, see post below) Nathan Brown

November 12, 2006: Shades of Beauty, Little Bobby Onsight, King Creek, Terminator, Cascade, etc.

November 2, 2006: Professors, R & D



Below are links from PREVIOUS YEARS/months for comparison:

2005-2006 Photos

ALL October 2004 photos here

ALL November 04 Photos Here

ALL December 04 Photos here

January '05 Photos here


February through end of season Photos below:

Feb 10 Photos, Borgeau and Pilsner, Taylor and Rapaich

Feb 13 '05Photos, various, Garth Lemke

Feb 22 05, Parkway, Trophy, Garth Lemke and Kim Heidel

March 23 '05: Great selection of photos from Garth Lemke and Kevin Wallis, taken March 21 and March 16 respectively.

April 11, Carlsberg/Field, Jason Kulsky Two Photos here

Parkway, Sorcerer, Nemesis April 20