Crossroads Windsports

Pic103 good boom bar shot with hg.jpg (12880 bytes)Crossroads is located in Hobbs, NM, one of the world's premier flying sites.Crossroads is a hang gliding school, a towing operation and a great place for world-class cross-country flying. More distance records have been set here than anywhere else in the world. Curt Graham runs the operation; he's been flying and teaching flying since 1968 with an excellent safety record. Crossroads has some of the best facilities in the world, starting with the massive towing runways of the Hobbs Industrial Air Park.

The one-of-a-kind Boom Bar training simulator.

These runways were built to train B17 bomber pilots in W.W.II, but today they're mainly used to tow hang gliders, paragliders and sail planes. The facility is unbelievably good, with reliable flying conditions year-around.

If you're just interested in experiencing   the joy of soaring like a bird, Curt will take you on a tandem flight high above Hobbs for $100. If you'd like to progress toward becoming a hang glider pilot, Curt offers a beginners package that includes ground school, a run on his unique "boom bar" simulator (photo below), and a tandem lesson for $200. Curt will work with pilots to safely and professionally take them to full-fledged pilot status at the pilot's pace.

Pic84 xc pilots only.jpg (9224 bytes)Experienced hang and paraglider pilots will enjoy Curt's three state of the art towing vehicles; you won't waste time because the winch is down! Curt makes his own high-end winches and maintains them impeccably. Tows for rated tow pilots are $10, unrated pilots $15 until they get their tow rating. A tow rating costs $100 plus the necessary tows at $15 each. With three tow vehicles and awesome towing runways you're guaranteed to make the most of the conditions. Curt will also help pilots brush up on their towing skills, so come on down if you need a reliable, fun environment to get back up to speed.

"Crossroads is the epicenter for distance flying in the United States, but it's also a great place to learn to fly. Curt makes everyone feel welcome, regardless of ability."

-Will Gadd

Pic104good hanger shot with hgs4jpg.JPG (11058 bytes)Curt's hanger; if there's enough space, you can leave your hang glider set up inside for $5/day or $10 overnight... Just walk it out the door, rig onto a tow vehicle and fly, no hassle. If you choose to stay local instead of going XC, Curt will come and get you on the runways after your flight.

Curt's also very experienced at towing paragliders; last year Will Gadd set the world distance record of 180 miles with Curt, and he's back this year. Larry Tudor set the world hang gliding declared goal record here (303 miles), and Tiki Mashi set the Women's world record here also. Check the Texas Paragliding pages for more info on conditions and distances so far this year.

Crossroads will assist with organizing drivers if possible, hotel information and everything else you need for a great trip to one of the world's great flying sites.

Directions: From Hobbs: Drive toward Lovington on  Hwy 18 for about five minutes, look for signs for the Hobbs Industrial Airpark and Harry McAdams Park. Turn left (west) into the park from 18, and follow the road (past the golf course on your left and campgrounds on the right) to the stop sign.  Turn right and go 1/4  mile to Curt's hangar, which is on the left (see photo above). GPS below.

Click Here for Curt's Waiver in a printable format, you need to have a notorized copy to fly with Curt, getting it done early will save time when you arrive.

Click here for more info on Crossroads

To contact Crossroads, call 505 392 8222. No email at this time.

Hangar coordinates GPS: (W) 32 46. 394 ( N) 103 12. 913